Unite Health Studio at 18 St Edmonds Rd, Prahran.


There are a variety of small group classes and private/semi-private sessions available at the beautiful Unite Health Studio in Prahran.

All new clients are required to have an Initial Pilates Assessment prior to joining a class 


Initial Pilates Assessment

1 hour comprehensive assessment to gain an understanding of your injury history and your goals.  Assessment of your posture, movement patterns, awareness of deep "core" muscles, muscle recruitment patterns for fundamental exercises. Your individual program will be designed based on findings and goals.

Private Pilates Session

Private 1 hour session with Fiona to maximise feedback about posture and performance.  Working through your individual program this 1:1 time allows for full attention to detail of movement patterns, muscle recruitment and maximising feedback on performance.

Semi-Private Pilates Session

2:1 session (60min) for you and a friend to work through your individualised programs with your Fiona. Bring a friend along or have a session with your partner.

Pilates Program Update

After 8-12 weeks your program will be reviewed and updated to ensure you continue to be challenged in the studio and progress towards long-term goals. This is not only of benefit for you and what differs "clinical Pilates" to a more generic Pilates class at the gym, but is also a requirement for private health insurance rebates. (45min 1:1)


Small group Pilates 4:1

Working through your individual program during the 1hour class to achieve your goals.  The small group environment ensures you will have quality time with Fiona throughout the class.  





Pre-Natal Pilates Class

This 1 hour class is for women to maintain their strength, flexibility and fitness in a safe environment during pregnancy. If you have not done Pilates before, it is recommended that you speak to your Obstetrician first to ensure they clear you medically before commencing Pilates. All new clients will be required to do an Initial Assessment prior to attending classes. Maximum 5 women per class.

Post-Natal Pilates Class

For women to build their strength in a safe and guided environment post-partum. If you have had a cesarian it is recommended you wait 6 weeks prior to joining the class. All new clients are required to have an Initial Pilates Assessment prior to joining the class. Maximum 5 women per class. Classes will be 1 hour duration.

Babies are welcome to join the class!

Pilates Prices

Initial Assessment $125  60min

Private Pilates $115 60min

Private Pilates 10 Pack $1000

Semi-Private 2:1 $60 60min

Program Update $95 45min

Pilates Class Casual $43 60min

Pilates Class 10 Pack $400

Pre-Natal and Post-Natal Class Casual $43 60min

Pre-Natal and Post-Natal Class10 Pack $400


Private Health Rebates available, with HICAPS facilities to claim on the spot. Codes for sessions:

Initial (500)

Semi-Private (505)

Private & Program Update (506)

Classes (560)

Pre-Natal Class (595)

Post-Natal Class (596)